Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 Goal #1: Sew These Pillows!

I bought this fabric MONTHS ago, and today is the day I'm going to sew up some pillows for my couch. I figure since I put this all "out there" on the web 'n stuff, I'll have to follow through,
or I'll look like a lazykins! :)
It's a velvet flocked linen, and I love it!
I think I'm just going to do some simple self-flanged pillows. Trim would get wrecked in this house, what with the cats, and my train wreck of a boyfriend.
So...hold me to it, y'all! If I'm not back with pictures of these pillows tomorrow,
somebody needs to slap me.
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SarahWhite said...

Train wreck of a, ha, ha. Can't wait to see the pillows Sharon...lurve that fabric. Your view is SO gorgeous. I'm SO jealous of that. Do you realize how lucky you are? :)

My Casa Bella said...

Happy Sewing!! That's what I should be doing today as well, yeah, well, we'll see. LOL

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

***Lazykins police*** at your service!

Ha...if only. They park their lazy asses here at our house, ya know.

LOVE the'll be gorgeous! I am an inch away from starting on my chair...may call ya!

Today, My daughter and I layed a new floor in the laundry room. hands and wrists are killing me. Was hoping to finish BEFORE 2010. Hmmm. Not so much.
decade, Sharona!
Enjoy this new d

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Happy New Year, Sharon! I love that fabric, in fact it reminds me of that vintage lamp shade I covered in my foyer. It's linen with black flocking too, more of a damask, but very similar. So, if you need a lampshade too....

Hope you have a wonderful year! Thanks for stopping by. I love the pics you did for the seasons below.

Kristi said...

Hi Sharon, YES! You owe me an email! ;)
I love this fabric as well! It's gorgeous! I have a fabric fettish anyway, lol. I love the burlap pillows you made too! I have about 20 yards of burlap in my basement waiting for the new place. God forbid I pass up a sale! I have never heard of that shop in Delmar? I'm going to have to check it out. A few of my friends live there! :)

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Looking forward to seeing your fab new pillows!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gonna be gawjus, Sharon!

Happy New Year!

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