Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

Here's where I catch up on my lag in blogging of late.
  1. I can't find my camera, which is making me nuts.
  2. I think it's time to clean the house. (see #1)
  3. The turkeys are back! I've missed them, and was hoping they would return. I actually scared the daylights out of one of them in my back yard the other day. I threw open my bedroom drapes to greet the day, and a turkey who had been minding his own business perked up when he saw me, then turned and ran like the WIND all the way through the woods and over toward the highway. Poor little guy. Happily, he and his crew were back this morning. In retrospect, I'm thinking I should reconsider throwing open the drapes when I'm still in my underwear.
  4. I went to IKEA last week with my friend Kelly (she was a first-timer!), and bought under-cabinet lighting for my aweseome new cabinets. BF installed them the minute I got home, practically. When he was done, Kathleen stood at that end of the counter eating some chips and salsa and said "I feel like a rich person." I said "Why's that?" And she said "This lighting--I've only seen it in rich people's houses." LOL. I said "Yep...we're livin' large here in Selkirk, NY." Hee. I love my kid. She appreciates everything. Even $26 worth of puck lights.
  5. Kathleen and I took a drive this past Saturday, since the weather was so gorgeous. We ended up at a store in Rhinebeck, NY called Paper Trail. LOVED it! How cute are these?

    bird s&p
    And these?

    We bought some dog bone paperclips for my friend Jennifer (the veterinarian), and a map of mid-town Manhattan with a frame for Kathleen. She SWEARS she's going to live in NYC some day. I believe her!

    We also stopped at one of the anemone flower growers in Rhinebeck and picked up a bouquet for Kelly. Anemones are absolutely gorgeous, and you can't just get them anywhere!
  6. I bought 16 yards of linen to slipcover my couch. I got it for $9/yd with my coupon at JoAnn Fabrics. Can you say "bargain?!" It came in two pieces, and I have pre-washed it. Now that I've published this for all the world to see, I may be motivated to start the sewing VERY soon. I'll keep you posted. Sally, if you're out there, keep nagging me, will you?
  7. BF has raked every single leaf from this one acre property over the last few weeks. I can't get over how great it looks. This also makes me feel happy (well, maybe "happy" is a little strong a word) to wash his endless stream of laundry, endlessly. I mean, it's better than raking, right?
  8. I have bought two gardening/yard magazines in the last week. One of them is Southern Living's Backyard Retreats, and I can't find the other one to tell you what it is!! At any rate, I'm getting inspired! My yard is a blank slate, with gobs of potential. I can't wait to get started!
  9. My hellebores are blooming. I love my hellebores. Here's a pic, in case you don't know what they are:

    I drove by my old apartment last week and saw that I had left one big hellebore plant behind (I brought 2 with me). I am SO tempted to go by in the dead of night with my shovel and rescue the poor thing. I left SO many plants behind--I get sick just thinking about it. Oh well. I have the house, right? The new plants will come. :)
  10. Kathleen is going to have a birthday party here on Saturday--this time with her FRIENDS. Apparently the family party wasn't enough. It's supposed to be sunny and in the 80's here on Saturday. We couldn't have ordered up better weather. In fact, that's HOT for me! I'm sure they'll be playing outside...anybody have any great ideas for activities? She says they'll figure it out, but I don't want them to be bored! (I nixed her pinata idea...when's the last time you saw a 14-year-old with a pinata party? WTF?)
  11. I'm addicted to Netflix, and have ordered nothing but Seasons 1,2 and 3 of Nip/Tuck for the last month. I love that show. I also love that I can watch movies streamed to my computer as well as getting them on DVD from Netflix. I watched "The Visitor" the other day upon Diane's recommendation. Great movie. I cried.
  12. I have to finish two bed skirts for this year's Vanguard Showhouse. I'm not doing a room myself this year, but I'm sewing for Bolt Fabrics. I'm also doing the web site again, and a bef0re/after DVD for them to run during the tour. The house is really great this year--it's a "green" theme, and the designers (a lot of newcomers) are really making it happen over there. If you're local, you should check it out. It opens Tuesday. Click my link for info.
That's all I've got. Hopefully I'll find my camera soon. I'm sure there are pictures on there that I could be sharing. I hope you all get the sunshine and warm temps that we're finally going to have in NY! All I can say is it's about damn time!!


Diane said...

You have got a SERIOUS amount going on in your head! That made me tired :)

PS... Ikea? My Heaven. Seriously. When I die, I'm going to live in the big Ikea store in the sky.

Rose said...

In no particular order:
1. Great summation; I feel like I'm all caught up now.
2. Hope you find the camera.
3. Glad the turkeys are back.
4. Thanks for the pics of the hellebores. I'm not familiar with those.
5. IKEA ... Diane and I are going to be storemates. I'll take a bedroom with sleek modern stuff.
6. How great to have an appreciative kid like Kathleen.
7. Personally, I'd thumbs up the pinata, but that's just me. I think it'd be a lot of fun, a bunch of young teens diving for candy - lol! Blindfolds and sticks are better entrusted to teens/adults than little kids anyway.
8. Wish I could sew! My upholstered rocker needs a slipcover.
9. You WILL post photos of the bedskirts, right?

Greg said...

OMG, you scared the turkey with your underthings? Hee hee.

Maybe the turkeys are coming around because they know the camera is missing.

I feel your pain about plants left behind. There's not a night goes by that I don't consider blacking my face and going back to some former residence with shovel in hand.

Enjoy your lighting, richy!!

; )

SarahWhite said...

I had a lovely chat with Sooz on Facebook tonight and we laughed about you and one of your funny sayings...something about a blankety/blank sandwich. Anyway...that made me want to come over here and see what you were up to!! Perfect want me to keep on you about the sofa. I will say that I recently put my linen sofa in the living room and I'm totally loving it. I really feared I might have to unload it as we had to bring some of DH's mother's things here and we are running out of room. I just couldn't stand the thought of all that beautiful linen going to waste! You are going to sew one yourself? I'm so impressed...what color linen did you get?

Find your camera...we need some pics! And I think you should definately go back and get your plants...and quit startling the turkeys. I laughed myself silly over how he ran away so fast!

Love you Sharona...:)

SarahWhite said...

My slipcover lady turns her slips in 24 hours! Maybe you can just focus on the big body piece first...then work on 1-2 cushions a night after that. DO will love it!

I'm just saying... :)

dec0r8or said...

Thanks, Sally! That's what I'm talking about! ;) It's been too beautiful here of late to do ANYthing indoors, though....maybe later in the week. I spent the weekend outdoors, and today it's going to be hot and sunny as well. We're getting a taste of summer in early spring! Me likey!

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