Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Uppers! (Cabinets, not

I still need to give them a couple more coats of paint, but aren't they just scrumptious?! I love them.

I got to christen the kitchen last night with Kathleen's birthday dinner party (she's 14 now--where have the years gone?) There were 12 of us all together, and between the kitchen, LR, and DR, we had lots of room, and it was quite comfy. I'm liking my house for entertaining! We did a make-your-own wraps dinner with chicken and steak, and I made guacamole, salsa, spinach-artichoke dip, and a fruit pizza for dessert as Kathleen's "cake" at her request. My uncle brought a delicious butternut squash soup and a salad, my sister brought yummy scallops wrapped in bacon, and I had shrimp coctail out for Kathleen too. It was a smorgasbord and it was all yummy! (Oh, and don't forget the WINE! There was WINE!) We had lots of piano, clarinet, and flute playing, too. I love a house filled with music. It reminds me of my childhood. My father stayed a little while after everyone left, and played the piano while I did some cleanup and talked to his wife. It was just like the old days! He can't read a note of music, but he plays beautifully by ear.

We had a needle felting party here two weeks ago, and there were nine of us in the living room doing our crafting, and we all fit with plenty of room to spare too. *sigh* I just love it here! I love it even more now that BF spent all day yesterday in the yard doing cleanup. I can't believe the amount of leaves he managed to rake up. AND he's been trying to dig trenches to get the pooled water to move somewhere. I bought a swamp. (But I don't mind! It's a pretty swamp!) He also burned the old kitchen in a big ol' bonfire out back. That was pretty funny. Don't worry--he brought the non-burnable stuff to the dump. It's lookin' pretty good out there now (instead of hillbilly-hayday with the old kitchen in the driveway--now if we could just fit the boat into the garage....) I even have tulip and bluebell greenery coming up, and hellebores blooming! Yay spring!

Thanks for all of your very kind comments on my kitchen. I'm very happy with the way it's turning out. Next is a stove hood and some open shelving. I'm in no hurry. I love it just the way it is!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

What a jewel of a place Sharona!

The uppers are great...did someone make them for you? They are perfect.

Happy Day to Kathleen...a young woman practically! Sounds like a perfect day. Yahoo on all of the bulbs peeking out!Spring is there!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

The cabinets are wonderful. Absolutely perfect.

Sounds like a great day for Kathleen. My Granny played piano without being able to read a note of music. I wish I could play piano. I played French Horn....the pah of the oomp pah pah!;-)

sandra/tx said...

Sharon, I've been waiting to see those uppers. They're even better than I thought they would be. I'm so glad you're loving your house and sharing it with your friends and family. Love. It!

Daisy Cottage said...

I LOVE your cabinets and your kitchen Sharon!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!

Diane said...

BeeYOOtiful! With the built in at one end, those at the other, and some open shelving in between you are going to have the SWACalicious-ist kitchen in 50 counties! Yummm!

christy said...

Sharon! That sounds like an absolutely perfect day. What a great way to celebrate a birthday. The food sounds delish!

Love the uppers too! The doors were windows, right? Love it! You ahve done souch a great job making your house a home.

lanakae said...

Hi Sharon! I saw that you left a comment on my blog and I wanted to thank you. I also wanted to say that I just LOVE what you did with your kitchen! SO GORGEOUS! You are so talented!

Kat said...

How cool are those upper cabs!!!
I think Im in love. You my dear are a very clever lady. Absolutely charming! Ya done great. I hear you on the painting...on and on and on. Im very tired of white paint. lol!
Sounds like Kathleens Party was lots of fun!
I have got to post a picture of the front garden. We have had three gorgeous days and the bulbs are blooming. Crazy weather...35 to 71 in a day!

Anonymous said...

Stopped over from Diane's to say hello - your line about being a crazy liberal mama caught my attention ;)

Your kitchen is amazing! The before and afters don't even look like the same kitchen - way to go!!

Rose said...

How wonderful to have a home that is so great for gathering people together! You have landed in such a great place and the work you're doing continues to enrich it even more. The new cabinets are terrific! I'm glad that the gridwork on the windows line up with the shelves so the spacing's even. Small details help.

Diane said...

I love your kitchen!!

I used to live in Upstate NY (Saratoga)... :)

SarahWhite said...

dis is guud. vewy, vewy guud. I'm talkin' with my german accent today... :)

JB in MN said...

I just found your blog while googling "Lidingo kitchen" (I am in the final days of my Lindingo remodel and making many decisions on finishing touches). Thank you so much for all your beautiful pictures and ideas - I LOVED wandering through your blog. I especially loved the addition of these charming "uppers" to complement your Lidingo. Super yummy. I love your taste and ideas, thanks for sharing them!
JB in MN, also working on her contemporary cottage while raising a tween

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