Thursday, April 09, 2009

Capital District Garden Show 09

Jennifer and I went to the garden show a couple of weekends ago. We had a great time, and I took a FEW pictures...didn't get any of the flower arranging contests, or door displays, which were all quite fun. We were more interested in the garden and water garden displays.
I loved this arbor because I have the remains of a fort in my back yard, which I think could easily be converted to something similar. Whether it'll actually happen or not is another story entirely, but a girl can dream, right?
The water feature above looked very realistic, with all of the river rock. I loved it.
The one below wasn't as good, but it wasn't bad either!!
Notice below, the fountain built right into the patio. We loved this! I think Jennifer is going to do it on her back patio this summer. Can't you just see yourself sitting there on a hot day with your toes in the water? I can!
I loved the large flat boulders in this next display. Anybody know where I can find some of those CHEAP? Stone is so darn expensive.
I may have to just take BF's truck and start a boulder hunt!!
I thought this tulip display with the painting was clever, so I snapped a pic.
How about the lawn lady?! FUNNY!
I loved the nasturtiums with the coleus here. I think I'll be copying that this season. I still need
some boulders, though, to bring it all together. Don't you agree?
Blue bicycle built for two! :)
It was nice to get a taste of spring before spring has actually sprung! I'm amazed at what they can make happen inside a college gymnasium every year. Next year, I'm thinking Philadelphia Garden Show. Right? I hear it's amazing!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said... I'm looking at that fountainn on the patio (the one you could get your toes wet in) and I'm wonderin' how does the pump fill up. I think it would just have to be a constantly running hose...any secrets to it?

That is amazing that they do all that inside!

dec0r8or said...

The pool of water and the pump are UNDER the deck! Isn't that so totally cool? The hole is drilled right up through the rock. Jennifer's husband said he could probably drill 12" I told her he could drill 12" from one end, and 12 from the other, and they'd have 24"! You could even stack rocks, I would think. You need one, Linda!! Aren't you working on your outdoors now? (Not that you need anything else in that paradise of yours...)

Greg said...

I'm impressed. They didn't have such nice displays back when I was able to go to this show all those years ago. Still, it WAS always a nice taste of spring.

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