Friday, January 18, 2008


I saw "Atonement" last night, and can I just's a MUST SEE. Beautifully shot, brilliantly acted, and heartwrenching. Wow. Loved it. Two thumbs up and all that. And I'm sorry, but that James McAvoy is a regular hotty. Do you SEE those eyes?! There are plenty of closeups of those babies in the movie, so get ready! He's my new "movie boyfriend."

And HELLO...but does anyone deserve to be as gorgeous as Keira Knightly?! She looks absolutely luminous in this movie, and skinny as ever. Bitch. Heh. Seriously, she can act too! I just can't imagine a face like that looking back at me in the mirror every morning. Must be nice.
Go see this movie. I'm not going to say anything more about it. Don't read reviews, or spoil the story for yourself. Go in blind--it's the best way to watch a movie anyway. Don't forget the Kleenex. ;)

Oh, ok...if you need to see some preview stuff...go to this website. Check out the photos. The music is really great, too. I don't usually gush about movies, but this one really deserves it.


PAT said...

Thanks for a great review, Sharon! And I love that necklace in the previous post! WOW!


dec0r8or said...

Thanks, Pat! I hope you're enjoying your pearl. I don't know if my friends are planning it this way, but every time we get together, they have their pearls on! Hee! It makes me blush!

Go see Atonement. Two thumbs up.

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