Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Snowy Day

I can't believe we don't have another snow day, Mom!
Yeah, well, that's the breaks, Kid. :)

Well, last night was put-up-the-tree night--FINALLY! It was fun...we played Christmas carols, marveled over our favorite ornaments (only broke one!), and argued about the virtues of weaving the lights in and out of the branches and whatnot. Everyone has an opinion around here, that's for sure! The pearl garland was 60% off at AC Moore last night, so I picked it up. I didn't know if it would be tacky and over-the-top, or just pretty. I think it's pretty, and Kathleen agrees!

Ok, so you know the age-old tradition of giving every teacher your kid has ever had, and all of her friends, and the bus driver, and the lunch lady, and everyone else the kid has ever come in contact with throughout the year a gift? Well, we managed to pare it down a LITTLE better than that, but not much. So I got the hairbrained idea that we would make peppermint bark! Great idea! But what to put it in, to make it festive? Why, TUSSIES, of course! Easy! Peasy! Riiiight. lol. Actually, they're not difficult to do...they just take time. I made five of them last night after Kathleen went to bed. She got to pick out the paper and the angel/santa for each teacher, and then I was allowed creative freedom with the rest. I'd say they came out OK, wouldn't you? I could go crazy and add trims and buttons and sequins and glitter, but HELLO, I have like TEN more of these to that is SO not happening.

I've got drapes to hem! It's not over 'til it's over, people!


dec0r8or said...

Hey Lewis, do those angel cutouts look familiar?! Talk about perfect timing! Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, QUITE familiar! Glad you enjoyed the gift. How did Puddy like the spin-off of "The Nightmare Before Christmas?" Now, which one came first? :P On another tack: peppermint bark. You want to talk about an odd combination? Here goes. Stay with me on this because it sounds yuk but it isn't. No idea why I did this but one day I bought some orange chocolate (you know, white "coating" dyed and flavored orange), melted it, mixed in PEANUTS and after it hardened on the sheet, broke it into bark. Orange-Peanut bark! But YUM . . . a flavor to experience. Better than my homemade pancakes. (:P :P :P to BOTH of you on the pancakes BTW!) Merry Christmas to you and Puddy, and drop me a hello sometime.

Rose said...

Oh my, the tussies are so so sweet! This project would have NEVER occurred in my house. I know Kathleen's friends will love them too. You're such a great mom!

Merry Christmas!


The Decorated House said...'s the Christmas Tree that tree up yet?
Oh yeah, there it is! LOL

And it's beautiful. I love the beads/pearls, but you knew I would. Yout cones are lovely, and I know you had to hold yourself back not to embellish them up with all the stuff you would have around to play with.

Merry Christmas! Donna

Anonymous said...

OK, they’ll been making me go around at work today singing Elvis carols. So, since I can’t be there in person to give you one, here’s your very own email version:

Uh ah’ll have ah huh uh blue . . . Christmus, without you
Uh hul be so blue
Ju-hu-hust thinkin
About you;
You’ll be DO
in uhlright
wi-hith yo-huh Christ
mus of white
Buht ah’ll
Hev a blue
hoo HOO hoo Christ-mus.
(Thank you. Thank you very much. Ah did it all for you, momma.)
Merry Christmas, all!

PAT said...

Great gifts, Sharon!!

Beautiful tree. I love that pearl garland. Quite a deal and pretty too!

Merry Christmas!

Rose said...

The tree is gawjus! I agree with Kathleen - the pearl garland is quite pretty and works so well with the ornaments.

So how long did it take you to make the tussies? I have 4 gifts of Amy's body butter trios that I need to wrap and tussies would be a great way to do so! Yours are so pretty and such a great idea for the peppermint bark. Lucky recipients!

Amber said...

Sharon, you are just the most creative mom I know! Those tussies are adorable and OMG, I do love peppermint bark. It's one of the few sweets of the season that I just cannot resist! Lovely photo of Tat, too!

dec0r8or said...
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dec0r8or said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dec0r8or said...

Thanks for the kudos, y'all! They were fun to make, and they were a big hit with Tat's teachers, apparently. I would say that those five took me a couple of hours of sitting in front of the TV, cutting and gluing...not too bad. The peppermint bark was yummy too! :)

Greg said...

Hey hey!! Sorry to be so late checking in to register my opinion--still no phone or internet at the new place (a dreadful situation to be finally rectified on the 2nd, I'm pleased to say...).

Anyway...tree looks lovely! We've been using the pearl garland (plus a red-beaded one) since I stopped doing tinsel about eight years ago. Still miss that glittery look...the plastic icicles help on our tree, but I still need a better tinsel substitute. Any suggestions?

And since its Christmas, I'll keep my opinion about an all-white lit tree to m'self. I'm still a sucker for the big old-fashioned C7s, personally.

Hope your Christmas was a delight!

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