Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snowy Morning in NY

I love waking up to a snowy morning when the snow has managed to stick on everything and stay there! It's a winter wonderland out there today! It's mild, though, so the roads are all melted. It's the best of both worlds!

My poor flag. I guess I should bring it in for the winter.
I love icicles!
View out one of my LR windows:
See my "when pigs fly" glass figurine from my sister Ann? He's so cute!
View from my DR/office window (side of the house):
And last but certainly not least, my lovely little Japanese maple tree:
I hope you're all enjoying a lazy Saturday. We're staying in and watching movies and football today. Go Jets! :)

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Felicity said...

Such beauty!
We don't experience snow in my corner of the world, so it's always lovely to see images like these captured so artfully.
I particularly like the last one.

Felicity x

PS I would love to have a glass piggy-bank like your pigs may fly fellow!

dec0r8or said...

Thanks, Felicity! It really was quite a sight today. But we never see kangaroos and wallabies here, so I guess you and I are even! ;)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful Images Sharon! So serene and peaceful. I LOVE those days of winter beauty.

Your flag reminds me of an image from the revolutionary war!

Diane said...

Beautiful. I am on my third day working from home . . . we had ice, then snow, then ice. Taking a little longern to get things going around here, which is fine with me. Should be able to get out and head to work tomorrow. Yay! NOT on the yay! :-(

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