Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Substantive Post. Well, sort of.

Gee, what am I going to do when Kathleen goes to college? I'll have to find something else to take pictures of! lol. I was playing with Photoshop for a friend, and threw this together. I cut her out of another pic, created the damask background, and popped her back in front of it. I like the modern look it has. Pretty cool.

So Saturday, I went for another of my drives. I've been doing that a lot lately. It's good for clearing my head. And people, my head needs some serious cleaning! Anyway....I ended up across the river at Olana again. I just love it there. The views are amazing at any time of year, and the architecture is incredible.

Love the copper gutters...wish I could afford some o' those!
This fence always begs me to take a picture:

I tried to make this picture of the Rip Van Winkle bridge look like it was taken sometime in the 60's. Not bad, eh? I took this pic from the back side of Olana. There are views in every direction, pretty much.
....and on my way home, I pulled over to get a picture (or seven) of the Athens Lighthouse.
I adore this little brick beauty.

So Diane, was that good enough? Do you wish I would ruminate more about the meaning of life, or are these pics good enough? ;)


Diane said...

Sharon, the post was lovely. I love anything you post. You know I adore you and that girl of yours, and anything you create professionally, and everything you do around your house/home, and the picture you take and the adventures you take/make.

They always make me smile, and make my day a little brighter. Seriously. So, thanks!!!! :-)

dec0r8or said...

Awww...you're so sweet! I'm glad you liked it, because honestly, I'm fresh out of ideas on the meaning of life. I'm stumped. :-/

Diane said...

Sharona . . . I am convinced that the meaning of Life these days consists of getting up, getting out there, and doing what you can. Sometimes it's more rewarding than others, but that's the key to it all. It all comes back to "some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield". Bwa!

Anonymous said...

The meaning of life can be found in a plate of aromatic, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies on a cold wintery day as you sit INSIDE the house with a warm blankie, watching the snow sift silently down. At that moment we learn that the meaning of life can only be found when we stop looking for it. :)

dec0r8or said...

Well, "Anonymous" (in quotes because we both know who you are), for some people the meaning of life comes down to accepting the way things are, being OK with it, and moving on with our lives. My only wish for you is that you will find peace with the fact that you and I are no longer together, haven't been for a VERY long time now, and will never be in the future. And yes, although it may be harsh, I need you to stop trying to contact me. And please stop coming to my blog. And for the love of Pete, please stop posting. I'm tired of policing my comments. I'm putting this out there in writing for all the world to see, so that maybe, just maybe, you will finally hear me, and move on. My patience has worn beyond thin, and I am now angry with you. I feel like I'm being stalked by you, and it's scary. I need you to leave me alone. Now.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Beautiful photos, Sharon! The stencilwork on that building is so detailed, so beautiful. And I especially love the last pic of the lighthouse with the marshland in front - great shot! Of course, your best work is that first pic. :-D

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