Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Ok. First things first. I took Kathleen over to Pittsfield to the Barrington Stage Company to see Carousel last weekend. What an amazing production! The acting was great, and the singing even better. I was enthralled! (So was Kathleen!) The show runs through July 11, so if you're looking for something to do, and you enjoy musicals, this show is for you!
Click HERE to go to the website for details.
Second, my sister Ann gave me this awesome little hand woven purse (with a bee!) for my birthday. Isn't it the cutest thing EVER? It's just big enough for my phone, credit cards, cash, Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker, and of course--a fabric swatch! I love it!
So...the other day I started digging a hole for my new dogwood tree. I got about 6" down, and look what I found!
Seriously! I almost broke my back getting that thing out of there!
....and it fits just right! I've since added another smaller stone as another step-down from that large one. Not a bad cover-up for that crumbling cement, eh? Painting those steps is also on my list of things to do before winter comes again. I need to use sanded paint--those steps got SLIPPERY last winter.
It's been a busy week. Kathleen finished up her last week of school, and had a graduation ceremony for moving up day. Next year she's going to be in the high school! Where does the time go? Anywho....she gave a speech, sang a solo, got four awards for excellence and citizenship in four different subjects and an overall award for being on the honor roll for every quarter of her three years at the middle school. Not too shabby! I'm such a proud momma!
Her friends Riley and Emily had a birthday party, and made their friends dress up as different characters. Kathleen was assigned Britney Spears. (She's second from the right.) Not bad, eh? Cracks me right up. All these kids do. They are so game for silly stuff--I hope they stay that way for a LONG time. (Click to enlarge.)
Finally, just this past Saturday, Kathleen and Madeline (my niece) played in their piano recital. That's Madeline below. Her dress was gorgeous, and she played great!
...and here is my lovely Kathleen. She had only had four lessons, but managed to pull off Edelweiss with chords on the left hand, melody on the right. We didn't think she was going to be in town for the recital, so it was a nice surprise that she was still around and could play.
The girls. :)

Madeline's gettin' so big! *sigh*

So...Kathleen is off to Indiana for two weeks with friends, and I'm stuck home working my tush off getting window treatments done for customers. Hey, SOMEbody has to bring home the bacon, right? When Kathleen comes home, she'll be going to a drama camp for a week (day camp), where they will put on a production of "Into the Woods" after a week of rehearsals. She's excited, and so am I! I can't get over her voice. She keeps surprising me every day.

I'll be back soon, hopefully with pictures of the window treatments I'll be cranking out.


paintergal said...

What a hoot those girls are! Love to see silly, wholesome fun.

Yikes, that cement slab must have been a bear to dig out.

Please do post pics of the WT's. I need some ii inspiration!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...
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Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Cute little purse from your sis! Just perfect for summer.

How provident that you happened to dig right where that slab was and that it happened to fit right where you needed it. You must have arms of steel, though, girl!

And how 'bout that Kathleen? You sure hit paydirt with that girl. Honor roll, speech, song, awards showered upon her. Love how her friends can be silly. So balanced instead of sullen and consumed with angst like so many kids. Love her dress for the recital. Madeline is such a pretty one, too, and it's evident how close both girls are.

Love that you had a great time seeing Carousel! I love live performances of anything!

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