Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Slipcover and a Bedroom Makeover

Kathleen is finally home from Indianapolis, and I actually managed to get her room finished before she returned! I whipped up this slipcover the night before she got home, while watching "Ghost Whisperer" (pretty good show!) and "Numbers."
I got the little pleated skirt idea from a picture that Linda at Lime in the Coconut posted last week of a sofa with a pleated skirt. I was inspired!
And here is the built-in bed! She LOVES it! There is a TON of storage behind those wrinkled linen curtains! ;)
Little window seat:
I took this picture from the window seat:
(her desk chair is in my sewing room...oops!)
She has the best view in the house!
Duvet cover is from IKEA. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that store?!

Her map of Mid-town Manhattan! Hee!
I'm thinking I should make a little skirt for that window seat cubby:
I did a ton of yard work today--dinner party coming up on Wednesday--so I may have some yard/garden shots for you in a few days. Thanks for looking!


Jenny Wren said...

It looks awesome! Did she love it? Man..the colors...the duvet...the cool raised bed...the chair with that sweet pleat! It's so perfect. Great job.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

You...Sister... are amazing! Love the makeover. I can feel the LOVE in it! Truly! What a great space for a teen. Great colors!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

What a fabulous room, Sharon! I love the built in bed. It's all wonderful!!

Rose - Watching Waves said...

Totally fantabuloso! What was the inspiration for the color palette? The duvet cover? The curtains? (I heart IKEA, too.) The peachy coral/aqua/chocolate combo is terrific. You put so many cool things in here: the light string over the bed, the arm lamp, the red guitar wall art, the bed ledge (brilliant!), the cool hangy fish near the nook, the nook and all its storage, the map. I really love her dresser area; pretty and so organized and the white looks fab against the blue and burnt orange colors. Bravo!

Diane said...

Love it all! You are the bestest Mom, Sharona. So did Tat love it as much as we do? Was she totally caught off guard or did she have suspicions you were up to something?

Looking forward to some inspiring outdoor pics later this week.

Unknown said...

That is a cute bedroom. Where did you get the blue and brown rug?


Anonymous said...

What a lucky young lady! Great job to both you and BF on the transformation--it looks fantastic (and so functional, too)!!

Jean Martha said...

you are an awesome Mom!

for the love of a house said...

What a great room! Love the color! And the little pleats are so perfect! That Linda.... always has the best photos doesn't she!

Unknown said...

Sharon, I'm still playing catchup on the new GI (and everyone's blogs). Wanted to tell you what a wonderful room you've created! All the little details are just the pleated skirt on the chair!

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