Friday, June 05, 2009


You know, it's funny. Years ago, when I subscribed to gobs of decorating magazines, I would get annoyed because they would fill the back half of the mag with gardening stuff. I was NOT a gardener back then. Now here I am with my very own decorating (mostly) blog, and I think I've posted more pics of gardens than I have of interiors. Go figure.

At any rate, this is my friend Jennifer's yard. The patio above was built by her husband probably 10 years ago. It's nestled under a stand of pine trees in her front yard. Totally cool, right? The patio below was built by Dwight (same guy who built my upper cabinets for me) a couple of years ago. In the distance you can sort of make out the long border of peonies. Jennifer planted them three years ago, and they are gorgeous. Once again I hope you'll forgive me for crappy cell phone quality pics. I was there on an impromtu visit!

Gorgeous, right? Tomorrow we're headed (me, Kelly, Jennifer) down to Cleremont to the annual plant sale. I think I'm going to look for some heirloom tomato plants. I've never grown tomatoes before. This is my year to start! Also, stay tuned for before/after pics of my garage doors....I've been painting out the little black scary squares! Yay!


Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Oh! I love peonies! We can't grow them here in SoCal, but I pick them up at Trader Joe's at this time of year when they have lovely bouquets. (Posted a pic on my blog, by coincidence.) Jennifer's peony border is beautiful! So many varieties, lucky girl!

Donna @ dh designs said...

I agree with Rose -- I love peonies. I remember as a kid, my mother had a bunch in the backyard and she would cut them and bring them into the house. The fragrance would fill the kitchen with "early summer"! Now, I do the same thing. Check out the slideshow on my blog for pics of many flowers - including peonies.

One of the hardest things to leave behind when we moved last were my 10 year old peonies. The two small bushes in my backyard are about to burst into bloom (we are a little behind the times here in Ontario ;) and I can't wait.

and ... your cell phone appears to take some pretty good pictures!


Dreamgirl said...

Really beautiful pictures. I think Peonies are my favorites! (And tulips). Thanks for sharing with me. I also love your layout and background.

Maybe you'd like to come visit me as well;)

Greetings from Norway

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