Friday, October 17, 2008

Window Treatments and Coyotes

There he is!  Yesterday morning, Mr. Coyote was out there chasing a rabbit.  I'm pretty sure he got him, too, because there was a lot of leaping and pouncing going on out there.  I think he was playing with his prey before meal time.  Ugh.  Poor little bunny.  Oh, and can I just say that I think it's CRAZY that there is a coyote hanging out just feet from my house?  I love nature, but come ON!   Aren't these guys supposed to hang out in caves and howl at the moon?!  
So I don't know if y'all are aware of this, but when I'm not blogging, I'm actually making a living!  Hee!  These are the draperies I was telling you about last week that are just my favorites ever, I think.  The flash washed out the fabric, but the no-flash pics REALLY sucked, so this is what you get.
The striped fabric is a faux silk that I could have sworn was real silk when I found the swatch...and I am really good at knowing my fiber content, you KNOW it's a good faux silk.  The embroidered banding and swag fabric is a poly too, which is pretty obvious from the shine.  The tasseled onion fringe is a linen/rayon blend.  
Aren't they purty?
This is the same client's LR, which we worked on last year.  It's still a work in progress, and I've decided that we need to add swags to these panels too, because they are WAY too boring now that we've got the DR looking so good.
The embroidered silk I used on the pillows is what I want to make the swags out of.  It's $82.99/yd at Calico Corners, though, so we'll see.  I may have to come up with plan B if she doesn't want to spend $500 on fabric  
The next project is going to be getting rid of that black marble surround on the FP.  It looks BAD in here.
This is the office window I did last year too...upholstered cornice with banded drapes.  This too is a room in progress.  We just picked out some really nice swivel rockers the other day for one side of the room.

That's it from me today.  Kathleen, her friend Emily and I, are off to Lake Placid this afternoon.  I'm going to bring my laptop in case there's a wireless connection I can snag.  BF's fishing tournament is EARLY Sunday morning, so he's not coming with us, which is cool because now it can be a GIRLY trip! (There's a bead shop, people!  Somehow I don't think BF would be into that, do you?)

I'll catch you on the backside!  Have a good weekend!


Rose said...

Cool shot of the coyote; he looks purple and the flowers in the meadow look so pretty. Still a bit unnerving, I imagine, to have him so close.
You sure do beautiful work! I'd love to have nice panels and pillows done for my home, but simple-simple, no fancy fringes or swags or cornices. Some day ...

Fifi Flowers said...

Calico Corner is a nice store, but if you are in the business of interior designing/decorating you can purchase fabric directly from the manufacturer and SAVE tons of money... eliminate the middle man... the mark up on fabric is HIGH! I NEVER buy fabric from stores.

dec0r8or said...

Thanks, Fifi. I bought all of the other fabric at wholesale, but she had fallen in love with that silk at Calico Corners on her own so we made pillows out of it. I can't find it in any of my books, so I'm kind of stuck, if we want that exact pattern for the swags. We'll see. Maybe I can show it to my Kravet rep-I know that a lot of Calico's cut-to-order stuff is Kravet.

dec0r8or said...

P.S. Hey Rose, the coyote looks a little purple because I had to manipulate that photo a bit in photoshop to get him to even show up! He was kind of blending in to the grasses! Oh, and you know who to call when you're ready for your drapes and pillows! :) I bet I'm a MUCH better bargain than anyone you'll find out there on the beach! Hee!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ok...either something is wrong with my puter...or someone is messing with my head! I keep thinking I am commenting, and then poof it is gone. I'll try again!

Looks like you have been a busy girl! And Mr. Coyote (sure it's not a fox?) Is kinda cute. I do know they are shy when it comes to people.

Lake Placid...LOVE it! said...

If you call the Calico Corners outlet in Lancaster, PA - they will check stock and ship.

The curtains looks gorgeous!

Kat said...

Very good thing your cats are indoors. My inlaws have lost a couple cats to Mr. Coyote!
The window treatments are gorgeous!
82.99 a yard for the lovely embroidered fabric. YIKES!!
Love the office fabric too.
Hope youre having fun at Lake Placid!

Amber said...

I love the coyote, Sharon! He almost looks like a pup out there. He's havin' fun! The draperies are gorgeous, too. How was the bead shop in Lake Placid?

paintergal said...

Yummy WT's!
I've tagged you on my blog. You're It!


Those darn coyotes, looking so furry and cute when they are so lethal! Nice to look at from a distance, the farther the better. The room with the fireplace has some great architectual detail to it!
Lisa & Alfie

Lisa said...

Beautiful window treatments Sharon!

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