Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Ladder Farm

Kathleen and I went to the local apple farm last week to get our pumpkins and apples. We were GOING to get cider donuts, but the line was ridiculous. (I didn't need those darn donuts anyway, right?) It was a gorgeous day, and it was nice to follow through on our yearly ritual trip to Indian Ladder Farms. Can you see her pushing the cart? You know, in years past, she would pose for me next to pumpkins and under apple trees. Not any more. Brat.

In other news, Kathleen got the lead in her school play. They're doing Mulan this year. I just got her interim report from school, too, and besides getting excellent grades in all of her classes, her choral teacher (who is also the Drama Club teacher) said "Kathleen is exceptionally talented." *sigh* I love those interim reports. Yay, Mulan! Hee!


paintergal said...

How exciting for Kathleen to have the lead in Mulan. So cool! Is it a musical?
Looks like a lovely day at Indian Ladder Farm.
Do we get to see what you do with the pumpkins?

Amber said...

Yay, Kathleen! And what a great slide show! Don't you just love to see vegetables, flowers, etc. en masse? :)

Rose said...

Those cider donuts must be yummy if the line was ridiculous. Don't you love the rituals you've formed with your daughter? I had 'em with mine, and now have 'em with my granddaughters; things we look forward to like the county fair, the church festival, the christmas play.

BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to Kathleen on getting the lead AND on her grades AND on her exceptional talent. So happy for her and for you, who instilled such good values and character in this wonderful person. You rock, Mama!

Kat said...

Bravo Kathleen! Brag on mama...I love it!
Thank you for the trip to the farm. Im going to miss out this year. We took my sis husband when he was here a couple years ago. He thought the whole Halloween thing very odd. In Australia they do not do Halloween. Can you imagine?

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Kudos to Kathleen!

Enjoyed the slideshow.

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