Friday, May 30, 2008

Small Things

My new refrigerator, freezer on the bottom.
My ice maker! Wa-hooo! (Oh, and a big wa-hoo to BF, who hooked the crazy thing up!)

Unpacking my decorating books and stacking them up "just so."

The view from my LR window.

The turkeys who are a daily part of that view. Here they are this morning!

My awesome kid on wacky sock/outfit day. Whose idea was this day, you ask? Yep. Hers. I hope her friends (and teachers...apparently there was a class-wide email event) follow through! LOL! Note the pack-mule-esque look she has going on there. Three bags: lunch, sneakers, school books.
These are some of the small things that make me happy, and I am thankful for all of them.


Amber said...

WOW...look at that backyard view, girl! I swear, this is like right out of Martha Stewart or Sheila Bridges... Your style has always reminded me of a cross between Sister Parrish and Sheila Bridges! Now you have the NY country home to boot!

Kathleen looks very cute!

Rose said...

That last shot is my favorite shot of all! Your views - of land, plants, animals - are so wonderful and I'm super-glad that you share them with us.

Ironic - I need a shelving piece for a particular narrow wall in my home and just a few minutes ago, I sketched out my idea of what I wanted. Open at the sides, shelves on top with a couple of drawers toward the bottom, but with legs - and then I see yours! They're nearly identical to what I just drew!!!! Where'd you get them? I must have one exactly like them. How wide is one? Love the way you've stacked the books on them. I need one of those shelving units

dec0r8or said...

I think those are about 27" wide, Rose. I bought them YEARS ago at The Christmas Tree Shops, which is an East Coast chain, I think. They were a bargain, too...I think I only paid $80 each for them. They really are great. I had been using them to flank my TV at the apartment, and had media components and decorative doo--dads on them. Now they have a different purpose--and not just for show!! :) I wish you good luck finding something similar!

Rose said...

Thanks so much, Sharon! Only $80 - wow! I found some similar on JCP but they only have two shelves (around $130?). I have a neighbor who does custom furniture so I may just give him a pic of yours and see what he can come up with. How nice that you've gotten such great use from yours!

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