Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stars On Ice

This past Sunday we went to see Smucker's (don't even get me going on where that apostrophe should be) Stars on Ice. Sasha Cohen is new to the group this year, I guess, and she is really great. The whole thing was WAY more entertaining than I thought it was going to be. It was a three hour show, and it flew by. Sasha did a no-skates ballet thing with two of the other skaters carrying her around that sounds weird, but was really beautiful. Oh, and you know how I have "boyfriends" in every walk of life? (Well--like on tv and movies?) I have a new one! My new professional skating boyfriend is John Zimmerman!I know, right?! He's a little pretty, but holy heck, when you see the man lift his partner over his head and spin her around, and those muscles workin'....helllooo! All of these guys are such unbelievable athletes. It's amazing to watch them work. It doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes, either. ;)

We finished off the evening with my sister, her husband, and my darling niece at a great downtown Albany micro-brewery, called The Albany Pump Station. Click here for a little history on the place. The website is pretty finding a picture of the place was tough. It's an old brick building right near the river, and every time I go inside I imagine myself converting it into a home. It's that cool inside--and there's a fireplace in the DR! AND they have great beer (Kick-Ass Brown--YUM!), and some pretty good food. I had a turkey burger, and whatever they spiced it with was great.

Stay tuned for next week's house reveal!! I'm buying one, people! It's really happening!!


Amber said...

Oooh, I love microbreweries! There was one in South Dakota (Rapid City) we used to go to that was in a converted old brick fire house. In fact, it was called The Firehouse Brewery! So I can just picture the way the one in Albany is fun! Not that many old places like that out here.

As for your new mean it's not Chazz Michael Michaels (from Blades of Glory)!?!?

I'm about to pee my pants I'm so excited about your house!

Amber said...
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dec0r8or said...

Hee...Amber got so excited she double-posted!

Amber, I have to tell you, as soon as the first skater came out, and was dressed up in this over-the-top Michael Jackson get-up, Kathleen leans over and says "And NOW, Chaz Michael Michaels!" LOL! And then later, we were quoting the movie left and right. My personal favorite: "Jimmy, I just want to cut off your skin, and wear it to my birthday." Ha! That movie couldn't be any more funny if it tried. I heart Will Ferrell.

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