Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kathleen the Speedy Queen!

Yesterday was Kathleen's first track meet. She's in "modified" track, whatever that is. She only competes against middle school age kids, I think, although some of those girls running yesterday were definitely older, and the high-schoolers were running races too. I was confused. One thing I do know--this kid can RUN! I can't get over how long and leggy she is. BF says she's fast because there's no wind resistance due to her being so darn thought that was pretty hilarious. I don't think Kathleen found it quite so funny. Go figure. ;)

She ran in two events. She came in third in the 100m dash, and last in the 200. She said she didn't really know how fast to go in the 200, because she didn't really know how much energy to save up for the end. I think this first meet was good practice, because it all looks confusing to me! I don't even know how they knew where to go and when, there was so much going on. But I did manage to get some action shots! I just love the shot above...something about the line of her arm, her blowing hair, and her friend's smile and pose...they didn't even know I was taking their picture.

Here she is running the 100M dash. She's on the far left--you know, the skinny pasty kid...hee!

And there she is bringing up the rear in the 200M.
She said she's scary white, and I told her that a friend of mine dubbed me "Casper" in high school, so no worries--it's just heredity. Heh. At least she tans in the summer, unlike her mother. I just burn, peel and freckle. Nice.

I'm just so proud of her for being motivated enough to join track. She's really enjoying it, and she said that just being in the meet yesterday made her want to do better next time. I told her that the spirit of competition was definitely a good thing--it raises you up to the level of your competitors or beyond, , if you're doing it Oh, and in case you're wondering, she gets her athletic ability from her father. I'm not taking any credit for that, no-sir-ee-bob.


Amber said...

She really is built like a runner! This is SO good for her. I see the HS girls running cross-country on our community streets in the afternoon and I just think it's so wonderful. I am really hoping one or both of my kids will join cross-country! Go Tat!

PAT said...

What a kid! Amber is right, she definitely looks like a runner!

I love that shot of her with her friend! If I were you, I would frame that one! It's fabulous!

Have a great weekend!

Rose said...

That really is a beautiful shot of Kathleen! She's like a long-limbed colt, with the bloom of youth about her. I'm not one to keep score (I don't buy into winnners/losers mentality), so I'll just say that I hope she's really enjoying track and having a great time. Pushing oneself to be better is always a great goal!

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