Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip to NYC

Kathleen and I went to NYC last Wednesday (yes, St. Pat's Day) to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. Lucky for us, (most likely because we're Irish) the crowds weren't too bad, the weather was fantastic, and we had a great time.

Kathleen liked these slanty buildings:
I liked this store window:
Here she is in front of MoMA. Does she look happy to be there or what?

Central Park Zoo:
There was a line of about 15 hansom cabs right by the park. I was feeling poor, so we didn't take a ride. Maybe next time! ($35!--plus tip!)
This little guy was in the clock tower at the zoo.

Snow leopard. He was cool:

First NY crocus of 2010? Happy day!
Bagpipes! Kathleen heard them playing March on an Irish Air while we were in the zoo. She had just played that in her concert last week. Serendipity!

....and I had to take some sunset shots from my seat on the train on the way home:

Not bad for taking them through a dirty window at 80mph or so! :)

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Diane (Wileysmom) said...

What a totally coolio trip to take with your sweet Tat. I know you have always had such a good time together but isn't it wonderful how great a time you two can have together on a girls' day out? Those are the memories that last a lifetime!

I haven't been to NYC in FAR too long . . . sigh . . . I miss it.

dec0r8or said...

Thanks Diane! It really IS great that she still even WANTS to have a girls' day out with me! She's going to be 15 in 13 days! From what I hear, it's all downhill from

I think you should make a point of coming up this way SOON, woman. We all need to go to Bruce and Deb's and catch up. It's been WAY too long.

paintergal said...

Oh, I would love to visit NYC someday. Little harder for me since I'm in Iowa. ;)
Glad you mustered up your courage and did it.
My daughter recently got bangs too. Really brings out their eyes, doesn't it?

Diane said...

I WILL get up to Boston this summer, even if it's only for a couple of days. My Staples folks are going to go on the warpath if I don't. I've been trying to get up there for so long. And yes, it's been far too long since the goilies have been able to get together. I look forward to it. :-)

dec0r8or said...

Well, Diane, be sure to let me know when you're coming up!! We need to get to Deb's!!

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