Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall Festivals

Last weekend we went to two fall festivals. On Saturday, we drove over to Lee, MA and went to the Berkshire Botanical Gardens fall festival. There were lots of crafters, a flea market, food vendors, and gardens to explore. We met up with an old high school friend of mine who just bought a house in Lee. They live in the city, and wanted a place to escape to. So, I'm going to help them decorate a little bit. I wish I had taken pictures. The house is gorgeous, and old, and beautifully kept. And the grasscloth wallpapaper is to DIE for. *Sigh*
I'll take pics the next time I'm over there.
On Sunday, we went to the Bronck House Museum fall festival in Coxsackie, NY. I posted pics from this festival in 2007, if you'd care to check the archives. It wasn't that different this year, but it's nice to go and meet up with neighborhood friends and people we don't see often enough. You've gotta' love small towns!

There were horse and cart rides:
And what really had us excited was the old Dutch kitchen and all the hand-forged Dutch hardware:

This is the building that houses that awesome dutch fireplace above:
Cute, right?!

These trellises were over at the Botanical Gardens in Lee. They look simple enough to make. I should get BF on that right away. Maybe he can use all the branches that have fallen off the tree into the yard over the last day or so: :-P
I especially love this one. It would be a wonderful centerpiece for a garden.
Oh, and I love this gorgeous kid. She actually posed for me willingly! I love that!

Again, Happy Fall, Y'all! :)


Country Contemporary said...

Love all the local sights, Sharon. Haven't been to the Bronck House in, oh...30 years! Such a wonderful old, historic Dutch house. Another local seasonsal festival is held on Oct. 17 - the annual Lord's Acre Auction and Sale at the North Chatham Methodist Church on Rt. 203 in the hamlet. Great good stuff - books, tapes, CDs for a song, holiday items, linens, toys, and all kinds of housewares for sale very inexpensively in tents, and the live auction of larger items and furniture goes on for hours. So fun! (And the Clothing Barn is open on Saturdays year-round...great finds!)


Houstonianess said...

Love the natural-looking trellis. I totally fall for "Adirondack style". Thanks for the lovely pics.

Debbie Egizio said...

What charming pictures!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day. I just love the heart shaped key hole and that garden trellis. Beautiful. Can't wait to see pics of your friends house. Sounds like it's amazing! Have a great day!! ;)

SarahWhite said...

I always love reading about fall in your neck of the woods's just beautiful. I cannot believe how your "girl" is growing up...she used to be so little! :)

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Looks like a wonderful day; love the wood trellises, too. Great portraits of Kathleen with the fall leaves all around. Lovely!

Red Lipstick Style said...

I love your pictures! And your little one is precious! I discovered your blog via Suburban Princess and Aging disgracfully! Love your blog name! My Fiance and I say we met by the grace of Serendipity!

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